CVA AAU Volleyball Division

The Centennial Volleyball Academy AAU division is a great opportunity for athletes to learn basic skills while competing at a slightly higher level than park & rec. Below you will find key information about the CVA AAU division of volleyball.

General Information

AAU teams are formed for 3rd through 8th grade. Higher grades are possible with enough player/coach interest.

    • Older teams may be formed dependent on player interest and parent/volunteer coaches.
    • Each team will be comprised of a min of 9 players with a max of 10 players.
  • Teams are coached by volunteer parent coaches and play in tournaments inside the State of Iowa.
    • Parent/volunteer coaches will be under the guidance of the CVA board and the Centennial High School head volleyball coach Jessica Rinehart.
  • Each team will play between 6-7 tournaments a season which begins in January and ends roughly in the middle of March.
    • If the team qualifies for the Iowa State AAU tournament that is held in March/April depending on the grade level.
      • NOTE: State Tournament dates, times, and locations or TBD.
  • Types of volleyballs used.
    • 4th and 5th grade play with volley-lite.
    • 6th grade and up play with a standard ball.

New for 2023 boys can play on AAU girls’ teams. Here’s how this works!

  • AAU teams in 4th through 6th grade are allowed to have two boys per team.
    • Boys in 4th through 6th grade can play at grade level.

Already have a team but want to play AAU volleyball under the Centennial Volleyball Academy Name? you can! Here’s how.

  • You must have a minimum of 9 players and a coach.
  • You will need to contact us via email at for the next steps.

Financial Commitment

  • Season fees are $400*.
    • This includes a jersey, team equipment, tournament registration fees, and one practice per week.
    •  fees are waived for only one child of the head coach for the AAU team.
      • This does not apply to assistant coaches or team managers.

*Disclaimer: Season Fees are subject to change due to gym availability/locations and tournament costs. CVA currently only uses the school gyms through the Ankeny Parks & Recreation program.

Time Commitment

  • Athletes are scheduled to practice one time per week for roughly 1.5 hours.
  • Tournaments are one-day and held on either Saturday or Sunday.
    • Tournaments should be planned as if they take up the entire day.
  • Parents and athletes are required to referee at tournaments. Failure to referee could result in other teams in the tournament being unable to compete. The coach or team manager for your team will discuss how the referee schedule will work for their specific team.

Please address questions to

Thank you for your interest in joining the Centennial Volleyball Academy Family.


Christina Woods
CVA Director