Centennial Volleyball Academy Board

The Centennial Volleyball Academy has a board comprised of nine volunteer positions in order to maintain the clubs' daily functions and duties. The board meets on a monthly basis to discuss CVA's monthly operations and budget, vote on as needed items, and work to improve and grow CVA as an organization.


  • Director - Christina Woods
    • Oversees day to day operation of CVA. Works with board members pertaining to their roles, organizes teams and divisions within CVA, works with other club directors as needed, handles CVA club memberships for USA and AAU. Oversees the club is following all procedures for health, safety, and legal purposes. Organizes and conducts board, parent, coach, and player meetings as needed. Helps with the organization of tournaments and rosters as needed. Works with the Executive Head of Coaching and CVA coaches both paid and volunteer to ensure they are meeting requirements set forth by USA and/or AAU, following CVA requirements, conducting practices effectively, and being a positive role model for the athletes. Registers CVA teams for the big tournaments and oversees anything else needed for the academy.


  • Treasurer - Kristy Rippentrop
    • Handles payments, reimbursements, and academy expenses.


  • Executive Head of Coaching - Jess Rinehart¬†
    • Works with director to ensure coaching staff is well trained, following USA and AAU guidelines and following the CVA Code of Conduct. Heads up camps and organizes tryout dates, time, and space for USA tryouts.


  • Secretary - Rachel Whitver
    • Handles organizing and preparing for board meetings. Helps with other positions as needed.


  • AAU Coordinator - Sean Stickrod¬†
    • Works with director to ensure the AAU division runs as planned. Acts as liaison between AAU parents and the director. Escalates questions or concerns to director as needed. Works with director and AAU coaches to ensure player development evaluations are completed and provided to parents and players upon completion.


  • Merchandise/Fan Apparel Coordinator(s) - Karisa Faber (Fan Apparel) & Kelli Ott (Uniforms)
    • Handles uniform and fan apparel designs, offerings, vendor management, and orders.


  • Scheduling Coordinator - Erin Morrow
    • Handles practice availably after acquiring them from the Ankeny Park & Rec department. Also handles getting the availably to coaches to secure.


  • Equipment Supervisor -¬†
    • Handles all academy equipment needed for the coaches.