CVA Code of Conduct


Parent and Player Code of Conduct

By registering your child to play on a Centennial Volleyball Academy team, you are agreeing to the following terms.


It is the mission of Centennial Volleyball Academy to provide a positive, competitive youth volleyball experience for players, parents, and coaches. We emphasize long-term player development of physical, emotional and social skills. The club will not place winning above good sportsmanship (defined as respecting rules and procedures set forth below, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and oneself). It is our goal to create an environment that will benefit the individual as well as the team.


Your athlete has registered and/or joined either our AAU division or our competitive USAV division. Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Team success is intimately linked to individual success. Each player will fill a necessary role on the team. Although some roles are larger than others, none are insignificant to the overall success of the team. Coaches will discuss and define individual and team roles throughout the season. Players are encouraged to use practice as an avenue for further developing their skills and expanding their role on the team. Players and parents must understand that the only desire of the coach is to assist the team in reaching full potential. We can only achieve this by encouraging, acknowledging, and supporting each other’s efforts in practice, scrimmages, and tournaments.



This Code of Conduct is a written contract between parents, players, and coaches to abide by the policies and procedures of Centennial Volleyball Academy. We expect all parties to maintain a positive attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and good sportsman like behavior. This contract is more than just paper, it is our policies and procedures and adherence to these policies and procedures is of primary importance. To participate in CVA, all players and parents are required to agree to and sign this Code of Conduct.

Zero Tolerance Policy: Centennial Volleyball Academy has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy toward certain policies and procedures in the Code of Conduct. Failure to follow the Zero Tolerance policies and procedures of the Code of Conduct can result in your athlete being dismissed from the club.



An athlete will be ineligible for athletic participation or practice for the following:

•      Smoking

•      Influence or possession of alcohol or drugs.

Immediate dismissal from the club could result from any the following:

•      Obscene gestures; profanity or swearing.

•      Provocation

•      Fighting

•      Stealing

•      Other disciplinary situations which may arise

•      Nonpayment of membership dues

•      Insubordination towards any member of CVA including the coaching staff and chaperones, referees, fans, etc.

An athlete who is removed from the team for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible to practice or play with another club until the athlete adheres to the guidelines for changing clubs under the USAV policy.


•      Be on time for all practices and tournaments.

•      Display good sportsmanship on and off the court.

•      Display respect & show a good, positive attitude toward the sport, teammates, and coaching/club staff.

•      Prepare mentally for competition and take care of details prior to match.

•      Notify your coach if you will be late or not attending an CVA event. This includes practice and tournaments. No notification by the player is considered an unexcused absence and may impact an athlete’s future play time.

•      We understand that we are not to knowingly disseminate false or slanderous information regarding CVA or its members to other CVA players, parents, coaches, officials, and opponents through any social media outlets.


•      Each athlete will play at the coach's discretion. The coach will determine the amount of playing time. All athletes are required to be at all practices to compete in the following tournament. Any player missing any practices between tournaments will sit out at the coach’s discretion.

•      Any questions concerning playing time or team concerns must follow the 24-hour rule (no contact to be made to any club coach/staff 24 hours following competition) and then addressed first through your coach via phone call or meeting on a non-playing day. There will be NO discussions during a game, tournament, or practice.

•      All players are required to participate in tournament work team duties and must stay until all duties and responsibilities are fulfilled.

Travel and Tournament Policy

At Centennial Volleyball Academy we expect our players and coaches to represent the club in a professional and respectable manner when traveling to and participating in tournaments. All players will be expected to follow the rules stated in player and Parent Contract. The off-court actions of our players and coaches are just as important as those on the court.

In today’s recruiting atmosphere college coaches are looking for players who are well disciplined both on and off the court. As part of our player development, we strongly believe in players staying as teams when they are at a tournament. You will find the teams that are the most successful and that compete at the National level have team chemistry and have developed a team concept. This is also becoming an important characteristic in which coaches at the next level are looking for in recruiting players. We want to make sure our athletes are fully prepared in all aspects of the game. We do understand that this may cause an additional cost for our families who travel to tournaments, but it is one that has value in the development of their child.

All players must secure transportation to all tournament locations. Players must arrive at the hotel by the specified time and attend all team meetings. Players must also remember to bring meal money when attending tournaments.

I agree to be photographed and videotaped for this production by CVA or its approved vendors without receiving compensation of any kind. I understand that this footage may be used, as deemed appropriate by Centennial Volleyball Academy for future productions which may be viewed by public and private sector audiences.

We understand that our failure to comply with any of the Zero Tolerance policies and procedures listed above will be deemed as being contrary to the positive development of Centennial Volleyball Academy and can result in our child being dismissed from the club.

By registering your child to play on a Centennial Volleyball Academy team, you are agreeing to the terms above.


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